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Lubricating fluids degrade over time depending on various external and internal influences, including type and age of equipment, ambient temperature and humidity and degree of use and load on equipment, etc.

Thermal-Lube’s stand alone and continuous oil analysis systems are analytical systems used for quality control, condition monitoring, and lubricant life extension that has revolutionized the way lubricating oils are monitored and maintained.

When the eventual depletion of targeted additives falls below a predetermined limit, the Continuous Oil Analysis and Treatment (COAT) System will alert the operator that the oil must be changed or a specific additive must be replenished. The maintenance of additive levels can be done manually or programmed automatically.

Key Benefits (All Systems):

  • Reliable and repeatable Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy based analysis
  • Easy to use UMPIRE Pro software allows any user to determine condition of lubricant
  • Identify base oils, additives and contaminants on oils

COAT System Additional Benefits:

  • Automatically monitor the state of lubricants in a process
  • Automatically replenish performance-enhancing additives as necessary
  • Alert operator to contaminants or complete degredation

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