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Welcome to Thermal-Lube

For over 30 years, Thermal-Lube continues to innovate and help our clients increase productivity and reliability, conform to environmental mandates and reduce operating expenses, by providing application specific synthetic lubricant formulation, increasing lubricant life and changeover cycle times and offering custom blended biodegradable lubricants. Thermal-Lube’s advanced analysis capabilities help our business clients by continuously optimizing their formulations based on their actual usage and providing readditization options.

Operating in an Environmentally Sensitive Area?

Need to protect ground and surface water from lubricant contamination to comply with local regulations? Thermal-Lube formulates biodegradable lubricants to fit your operating needs and can offer a validation service to certify if equipment and contractors are in compliance.

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Condition Monitoring Solutions

Do you need the ability to quickly and accurately check the condition of your lubricants? Thermal-Lube’s FTIR spectroscopy based analytical systems give you fast and accurate information about your lubricants.

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Productivity Improvement

Save time and money by reducing changeover intervals and extending your lubricant life. By using Thermal-Lube’s advanced analytical capabilities to determine the status of your lubricants, Thermal-Lube’s custom formulations, re-additization, and predictive fluid end-of- life cycle options help you meet your productivity improvement goals.

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