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Thermal-Lube offers a variety of services to help keep you running efficiently and productively while complying with required regulations. 

Complimentary Oil Analysis

With our limited-time Complimentary Analysis Program, we analyze one or more lubricant samples (over time) and can help determine what components of the lubricant are failing first, particulate contamination and even fuel dilution. We can then provide a proposal (reformulation and/or re-additization) to extend your lubricant life and reduce your changeover intervals.

Application Specific Formulation

Operating in a demanding environment with extreme temperatures or airborne contaminants? Thermal-Lube can help by custom formulating an application specific lubricant based on the operating parameters and environment.


Lubricant change intervals cost time, productivity and money. Thermal-Lube can help extend lubricant changeover cycles and reduce associated disposal related costs and impacts by creating and implementing a re-additization program.

Biodegradable Fluid Conversion Validation

Operating in a sensitive area that requires biodegradable lubricants? Thermal-Lube can provide validation of lubricant conversion for you and your contractors – ensuring biodegradable lubricant is >95%. Use our online form and we’ll mail you a bottle and instructions for collecting a sample. (Available in USA and Canada only)