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XL0890 Traction Lube is a synthetic hydrocarbon formulated specifically for all-steel speed reducers that require a high coefficient of friction lubricant. XL-0890 renders the possibility of performing with a coefficient of friction at least 50% higher than that of conventional mineral oils. This dynamic effect between rolling contact surfaces results in a momentary transition of the lubricant’s mobile film to rigid solid with immediate reversal when the pressure is reduced. This high traction is the result of the molecular structure of the lubricant and has been derived by chemical synthesis. The priority structure includes high-performance additives to attain maximum efficiencies, and long fluid life.

• Increased power transmission in traction transmissions or drives.
• Thicker lubricating film maintained between pressurized rolling surfaces.
• Increased fatigue life of rolling contact bearings.
• High temperature stability without loss of lubricating qualities.
• Excellent power transmission at very high speeds.
• Extremely low noise level in operation.
• High efficiency
• Variable speed control operating under full load.
• Step-less, infinitely adjustable speed change.
• Precision set speeds.
• Low inertial elements that allow rapid speed change.
• Adaptable to servo-control.
• Low maintenance requirements.

• Automotive
• Gearless traction transmissions
• Specially designed clutches
• Industrial
• High load high speed anti-friction bearings
• Specially designed PIV drives
• Traction drives

Service Intervals: Drain oil after 5000 hrs of operation, or two years maximum.

Product Code: XL0890/030/040/050/070
Viscosity (cP @ -40°C) (ASTM D-2983)23,400---
Viscosity (cP @ -29°C) (ASTM D-2983)-31,60041,500-
Viscosity (cP @ -17°C) (ASTM D-2983)--5,12093,900
Viscosity (cSt @ 38°C) (ASTM D-445) 14.722.733.6121
Viscosity (cSt @ 99°C) (ASTM D-445)
Pour Point °C-54-43-3723
Specific Gravity (g/ml @ 38°C)0.8910.8880.8890.885
Specific Gravity (g/ml @ 93°C)0.8530.8500.8550.850
Specific Gravity (g/ml @ 148°C)0.8170.8140.8200.815
Coefficient of Expansion (/°F)4.58 x 10-44.42 x 10-44.42 x 10-44.19 x 10-4
Specific Heat (BTU/lbm°F) @ 38°C0.4530.4600.4460.426
Specific Heat (BTU/lbm°F) @ 93°C0.0610.0590.0590.061
Specific Heat (BTU/lbm°F) @ 148°C0.0580.0560.0560.058
Thermal Conductivity (BTU/hr.ft.°F) @ 38°C0.0630.0600.0600.062
Thermal Conductivity (BTU/hr.ft.°F) @ 93°C0.0610.0590.0590.061
Thermal Conductivity (BTU/hr.ft.°F) @ 148°C0.0580.0560.0560.058
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg abs)12121210
Flash Point °C163149163168
Fire Point °C171163174177
Coefficient of Traction0.0840.0950.0950.095

Napthenic oil = 0.066
MIL H-5606 Hydraulic oil = 0.060
MIL L-7808 Jet Engine oil = 0.039

Four Ball Wear Test (Scar diameter) 0.670.750.510.54
Shear Stability (% visc. Change @37°C)-50-11-24
Rust & Corrosion (ASTM D-665A) PassFailPassPass
Foam @ 24°C (ASTM D-892) 5/00/00/00/0
Foam @ 93°C 35/00/022/020/0
Foam @ 24°C5/00/00/02/0

Product Code: XL0890/030/040/050/050
Elastomer Compatibility (ASTM D-471)
(7 hours @150°C, immersion)InitialFinalInitialFinalInitialFinalInitialFinal
Buna N
Durometer Hardness (Shore ‘A’ Points)6449645863546448
Volumetric Swell (%)-10-6-6-39
Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi)1815374181552118154281815297
Ultimate Elongation (%) 380623808138073380131
Durometer Hardness (Shore ‘A’ Points) 6647655566576650
Volumetric Swell (%)-22-15-16-47
Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi)16681261166815081668146716681045
Ultimate Elongation (%)179181179185179197179183
Viton A
Durometer Hardness (Shore ‘A’ Points)58545957585759-
Volumetric Swell (%)-7-5-5--
Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi)21181535211816252118169521181647
Ultimate Elongation (%)475458475445475477475472