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XL0866 series of fluids are specially compounded synthetic derivatives that offer performance characteristics not available in petroleum-based products. Under demanding conditions, the XL0866 series perform well where other lubricants fail. They minimize wear and maintenance and limit interruptions in output caused by reduced downtime.

XL0866 is manufactured using water-soluble polyalkylene glycol base stocks, which are known to provide outstanding EP characteristics. These pure PAG base stocks combined with the addition of a high performance, food approved additive package, these products are able to offer excellent thermal stability, high wear reduction rates, extremely high micropitting resistance and load carrying ability as well as excellent corrosion protection.

The XL0866 Series features:
• High Viscosity Indexes
• Chemical and Thermal Stability
• Compatibility with Metallic and Elastomer Components
• Good Water Solubility
• Excellent Shear Resistance

XL0866 Series typical applications:
• Calender rolls
• Fill for life gearboxes
• Compressors – Both rotary screw and reciprocating
• Textile lubricants
• Chain and conveyor lubricants
• Kiln and oven lubricants

The inherent high viscosity indices provide useful viscosities at elevated temperatures. At operating conditions between 150 to 200ºC, this means better load-carrying properties of hydrodynamic fluid films in highly loaded bearings. Even under thin film and boundary conditions found especially in slow moving (heavily loaded) bearings, XL0866 series has demonstrated excellent load-bearing performance.

The XL0866 Series protects against oxidative corrosion rendering them chemically and thermally stable. Unlike other organic materials that oxidize at elevated temperatures in the presence of air, the by-products of oxidation inherent to the XL0866 series are generally soluble or volatile. Therefore, the tendency to form sludge, varnishes, or carbonaceous residues are greatly reduced.

XL0866 series are formulated with additives specifically designed to provide compatibility with common metals such as iron, steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum. They are also compatible with most natural and synthetic rubber compounds and gasket materials. Therefore, the main consideration for elastomer and seal selection will be the elevated temperatures to which they are exposed.

The XL0866 Series of fluids are soluble in water at ambient temperatures. If they are spilled, they can be removed with water. If they become contaminated with limited amounts of water in circulation, they will form a homogeneous solution that will provide continuous lubrication to all vital parts. The water will quickly evaporate at high temperatures.

The XL0866 series is fully approved and listed as such by the following gearbox OEM’s:

David Brown:Type G Lubricant
Flender:(SL 150 – SL1000) for use in Helical, Bevel Helical, Planetary and Worm gearboxes

Further details concerning these approvals can be provided on request.

When changing from a mineral oil or PAO based product to one of the XL0866 series, the following procedure should be followed:

The system should be run until the old oil is warm, then drain as fully as possible, particular attention being paid to reservoirs, lines etc., where oil may be trapped. The system should be cleaned of residual sludge.

Flush the system with the minimum quantity of XL0866 by operating under no load, and then drain the system whilst the fluid is warm. Repeat if necessary.

Seals, etc., should be inspected and if deteriorated then replaced. Seals previously exposed to other oils may shrink when exposed to XL0866 series fluids, therefore it may be advantageous to replace them. This is not mandatory, as careful inspection of the system for leaks will often suffice. It is useful to inspect the lubricant after one or two days in use to make sure that it is free of extraneous materials. Contamination with significant quantities of other lubricants can, in some cases, lead to sludging, foaming and other problems.

May be blended with powdered graphite
for extra boundary film protection.

NOTE: XL0866 series are NOT miscible in petroleum-based products

Product Code: XL0866/460/6801500
SAE Grade4606801500
Viscosity (cst @ -20°C) (ASTM D-445) 40,00070,000100,000
Viscosity (cst @ 0°C) (ASTM D-445)2,8004,40014,000
Viscosity (cst @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445)4777251150
Viscosity (cst @ 100°C) (ASTM D-445)83122185
Viscosity (cst @ 150°C) (ASTM D-445)324880
Viscosity (cst @ 200°C) (ASTM D-445) 16.52342
Viscosity (cst @ 250°C) (ASTM D-445)n/an/a23.7
Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270)262272287
Flash Point COC (°C) (ASTM D-92) >280>285>290
Flash Point PMCC (°C) (ASTM D-93)>170>170>170
Vapour Pressure (mm Hg @ 20°C)<0.001<0.001<0.001
Water Content (% by weight) <0.25<0.25<0.25
Pour Point (°C) (ASTM D-97) -36-33-26
Copper Strip Test (100°C for 3 hours) (ASTM D-130)1a 1a 1a
Rust Test (ASTM D-97 Procedure A)PassPassPass
Coefficient of Expansion per °C (@ 20°C)0.000750.000750.00075
Coefficient of Expansion per °C (@ 25°C) 0.000770.000770.00077
Specific Gravity (g/ml)1.0671.0721.050
Total Acid Number (TAN) (mg KOH g-1) 0.2 max 0.2 max 0.2 max
Evaporation Loss (ASTM D-972) 0.8%0.8%0.8%
4 Ball Wear Scar (40kg @ 75°C, 1hr) (mm)0.330.330.33
FZG Micropitting @ 60°C & 90°C (Load Stage)
FZG Micropitting @ 60°C & 90°C (Endurance)101010
FZG Test DIN 51534, Fail Stage >12>12>12
Falex Pass load stage (kg)460460460
Flender worm gear test T60 L3/S5L3/S5L3/S5
Timken OK Load (kg) (ASTM D-2782) 252528
Oxidation Stability (Vk 40°C increase) (ASTM D-2893) <0.1 <0.1 <0.1
Other viscosity grades are available by special order.