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XL8706 is a calcium sulfonate grease that was created using new formulation technology. This lubricant is characterized by its exceptional mechanical stability and resistance to continuous high temperatures.

XL8706 functions well under very high loads (high E.P.) rejects water, resists oxidation and inhibits corrosion.

XL8706 grease performs extremely well at temperatures within its performance range of -40ºC to 200ºC.

• Bearings exposed to high temperatures
• Bearings exposed to water (such as wet end of paper machine)
• Calendar rolls
• Heavy machinery
• Fifth wheel
• Roll bearings
• Industrial equipment in an adverse environment or under heavy load
• Bearing operating at low or high rpm
• Electric motors
• Rotary joints

Product Code: XL8706 /001/002
N.L.G.I. Grade: 12
Penetration @ 25°C after 60 strokes (ASTM D-217)325265
Dropping Point (°C) (ASTM D-2265)300300
Oil Separation (24hrs @ 25°C) (ASTM D-1742) 0.20.2
Minimum Temperature (pumpability) (°C) -35-15
Temperature Range (°C)-45 to 275
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 40°C) (ASTM D-445)190
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt @ 100°C) (ASTM D-445)17
Timken OK Load (kg) (ASTM D-2509)31
Roll Stability Penetration (ASTM D-1831) +19
Shell 4-Ball Wear Test, m/m scar, 40kg, 1200rpm, 75°C, 1 h (ASTM D-2266)0.39
4-Ball EP Test, LWI (kg) (ASTM D-2596)500
Rust Test (48hrs @ 52°C) (ASTM D-1743)1,1,1
Water Washout (% loss @ 79°C) (ASTM D-1264) 2.65
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 100 hrs0 PSI
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 500 hrs2 PSI
Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942) @ 1,000 hrs9 PSI