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XL7333 is a non-flammable, non-corrosive, odourless, low toxicity oil that is specifically formulated for highly critical applications where any oxidizing materials present may result in catastrophic chemical or explosive reactions.

XL7333 is formulated from saturated hydrogen-free chlorofluorocarbons, which are chemically inert, non-flammable, have inherently high thermal stability, excellent lubricity, high dielectric strength, high density, and non-polar characteristics.


XL7333 halocarbon oil is inert toward practically all compounds and solutions except to chemicals that are prone to attack silica (hydrogen fluoride, etc).

XL7333 is compatible with the following common chemicals, and many others not listed below or not as widely used:

Aluminum ChlorideHydroiodic Acid
Ammonium NitrateMuriatic Acid
Ammonium Perchlorate Nitrogen Oxides (all)
Antimony TrichlorideNitrogen Trifluoride
Boron TrichlorideOleum
Boron TrifluorideOxygen (liquid & gases)
Bromine Trifluoride (gas)Phosphorous Oxychloride
Calcium HypochloritePotassium Perchlorate
Chlorinated CyanuratesPotassium Persulfate
Chlorine DioxideSilicon Tetrachloride
Chlorine Trifluoride (gas)Sodium Chlorate
ChlorosilanesSodium Hydroxide (all %)
Chlorosulfonic Acid Sodium Hypochlorite
Chromic AcidSulfur Hexafluoride
Chromyl NitrateSulfur Trioxide
Ethylene OxideSulfuric Acid
Fluorine (gas)Thionyl Chloride
Fuming Nitric AcidTitanium Tetrachloride
Hydrogen PeroxideUranium Hexafluoride
Hydrogen Sulfide

XL7333 is NOT recommended in areas where contact may occur with sodium- or potassium-based metals, amines, liquid fluorine, or liquid chlorine trifluoride. They should also not be used with aluminum and magnesium (and alloys of these metals) under conditions of large shear forces such as those found in threaded connections.

XL7333 will not contribute fuel in fire prone applications.

Chemical compatibility should be tested in the field to determine final usability of the lubricant.


XL7333 is stable at operating temperatures less than 204°C/400°F and intermittently to 260°C/500°F. Higher temperatures will accelerate the decomposition of the rust inhibitors and lubricant base stocks.


XL7333 is compatible with the following seals, rings, and gaskets:
Ethylene Propylene RubberPolyamide
Polyvinyl AlcoholPolycarbonates
Buna N Fluorosilicone
Chlorinated polyethyleneCured Epoxies
Urethanes PNF
Viton, Fluorel EDPM

XL7333 is NOT compatible with:
Buna SNatural Rubber
Silicone RubbersPVC
Polymers or copolymers of chlorotrifluoroethylene.

XL7333 is non-corrosive towards metals up to about 177ºC (with the exception of copper and some of its alloys) which will discolor over 50ºC. Prior testing should be done on all metals above these temperatures.