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XL6228 Protective Insulating Coating has been specially formulated for use as a flexible durable coating that can be applied to virtually any bare metal plastic or rubber surface.

XL6228’s unique flexibility and conductivity properties allow the product to be used in engine compartments where it will not interfere with hoses, belts, or electrical wiring.

XL6228 when dry leaves surfaces with a satin black coating that will not shrink or crack.

XL6228 is a water based formulation is quick drying and does not contain any flammable solvents.

XL6228 is inherently biodegradable does not require any special disposal procedures.

Surface Preparation: Clean & dry surfaces, remove oils and any other contaminants

Recommended Ambient Environmental Conditions:
Atmosphere: Clear and dry
Ambient Temperature: >7 ºC
Surface Temperature: 15 – 28 ºC

Application Method:
• Brush
• Dipping
• Spray Gun (HVLP or HELP), Spray 20 – 25 cm
from surface using 35 – 45 cm spray pattern.

Dry Time:
Assisted: 1 – 3 min
Unassisted: 10 – 15 min

Typical Coverage: 5 – 10 m2 / litre
Wet Film Thickness: 125 – 200 microns
Dry Film Thickness: 25 – 50 microns

Due the fact that XL6228 is a water-based coating, use only plastic or
stainless steel piping and fittings to handle this product.
Keep from freezing.