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XL0841 is a super-concentrated oil additive specially formulated to work with most hydraulic fluids. XL0841 uses a synthetic hydrocarbon, and is compatible with all mineral oils, as well as all synthetics that are compatible with mineral oils.

XL0841 contains a unique blend of “seal penetrants” that will “wet out” dry seals and help to reduce leakage.

XL0841 provides the combined protection and friction-reducing properties of both graphite and Teflon® to save energy and reduce wear.

XL0841 is ideal for use in cars, trucks, heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, etc.

XL0841 protects against friction and wear, prevents dirt accumulation and the formation of varnish.

When used in proper dilution of 30:1, XL0841 will significantly lower the pour point of the base oil.

N.B.: XL0841 will instantly change the color of the oil to black.

XL0841 is not compatible with water- or glycol-based fluids.

Hydralon® is a Registered Trademark of Thermal-Lube Inc.
 Teflon® is a Registered Trademark of DuPont.